Our cause

“How can we maximise impact in the shortest time possible?” That was the question we asked ourselves daily. Our answer was what compelled us to quit everything we were doing so we could focus entirely on how to help cities and nations around the globe reach carbon neutrality as fast as possible.

Global Cause

What we do

ClimateView was founded on the principles of agile: a philosophy built for the very purpose of tackling complex problems. When applied to the mother of all complex problems – climate breakdown – visualisation, collective intelligence and transparency are the main pillars we focus on.

A climate dashboard with a unique interface that can be used and understood by all.

Collective Intelligence
Harmonises data, structures feedback and enables rapid sharing of best practice.


Climate governance made efficient – reducing wishful thinking in favor of rational action.

Who we are

We are fast, direct and pragmatic, yet soft-spoken and humble, in reacting to the fact that our cause is staggering. What drives us is the impact we make. The revenue we receive along the way becomes the vehicle to elevate and accelerate that impact. We direct our time and efforts to the pioneers. We want to help the ones who have started running in the right direction to – instead – forge ahead at lightning speed. And, when they do, they are the ones who made it happen; we were merely their stage technician.

Our goal

We aim to one day not exist, making ClimateView redundant by reaching global carbon neutrality.

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