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Why we exist

ClimateView is a response to the undeniable fact that the climate challenge is a race against time. We know we need to get to zero net CO2-emissions, and we know the sooner we get there, the better off we are.

In 2017, our founder and CEO Tomer Shalit decided to let go of everything at hand to focus solely on how to reach zero as fast as possible. He asked one essential question: If you consider this to be the biggest group assignment in human history, how can you accelerate it and help it run smoother?

Tomer has been a leading expert in agile development: a philosophy created to tackle complex problems. He used that agile foundation to shape something that he saw could drive action and collaboration – by bringing clarity and holistic overview to the climate table.

Enter ClimateView. A new standard for climate roadmaps.

What we do

ClimateView is a new standard to lead climate transformation in cities, countries and companies. It’s a new visual language and the product of our knowledge in agile methodologies, digitalisation, data analysis and rapid software development. It is designed to simplify and accelerate the transition towards carbon-neutral economies.

Our clients already know they need to act. In fact, they probably already do, to some degree. They may even have a climate agenda or roadmap. ClimateView gives that roadmap a home – helping it effect change, sooner.

By breaking down our clients’ climate goals into feasible, actionable decisions, ClimateView brings transparency, clarity and knowledge. We help them maximise the power of large-scale collaboration and alignment, and we deliver them momentum towards a fossil-free future.

Who we are

It’s not what you say, it’s what you do. If you can forgive the cliché, this captures the essence of ClimateView and the people behind it. That’s because the time for saying things – the time for talking about climate change – has long passed, and we are constantly asking ourselves: “How can we maximise impact in the shortest time possible?”

To people who say the climate challenge can’t be solved: we call BS. And to those who say humans aren’t causing climate change: we don’t even bother.

We direct our time and efforts to the change makers. We want to help the ones who have started running in the right direction to, instead, start accelerating at lightspeed. And when they do, they are the ones who made it happen. We were only their stage technician.

Where we’re going

Our goal is to one day not exist. Our goal is to make ClimateView redundant by reaching global carbon neutrality.

Along the road towards that, we will have more and more nations, cities and organisations joining on as nodes in the global climate roadmap. And to achieve this, we will need people and entities to join our cause at an exponential rate as employees, educators, partners and champions. Because the time for talk is over.

Let’s do this.

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