The most complex challenge of our era desperately needs new ideas.

Our idea is born from a shift in perspective.
That successful climate transition must continue to meet our economic needs - not simply by reducing activities that increase our carbon footprint - but more importantly shifting the mechanisms we use to fulfill those needs.


Give our cities a clearer view on how to achieve their Climate Action goals.


We are an international assembly of thinkers and coders, dreamers and scientists putting the action back into Climate Action. That’s why we build technology to help cities plan, understand, and visualize the shifts necessary to address the urgent climate crisis.


Our leadership team


Tomer Shalit

Founder & CEO


Anna Westerberg

VP Product Manager


Einar Bodström

Chief Growth Officer


Karin Schildknecht

VP Global Delivery


Jeff Goens



Yassal Sundman

VP Special Projects


Mark Dixon


Jagannath Tammeleht

Jagannath Tammeleht

VP Human Resources

Marek Birchley

Marek Birchley

VP Marketing

Jonathan Ward

Jonathan Ward

VP Transition Success


Together towards tomorrow


ClimateView was born in 2018 as the Panorama Project for the nation of Sweden (and adopted as a budget priority for the entire country in 2020). It was the light that shone a new path forward.

Innovative cities from across Europe shared with us their planning challenges. We drew the attention of some influential investors and organizations. New collaborations began. Deeper insights were gained. Tools and methodologies were refined to make goals attainable.

Then in May 2020, we introduced Transition Targets®— over 95 “shifts” that are essential and universal to addressing climate change—and began to make them available to leading scientists, academics, and NGO’s.

In 2021, we launched ClimateOS. The world’s first platform for cities to build Living Climate Action Plans that helps them discover and execute their optimal pathway to zero.

What once took 6-12 months can take days if not hours. What was once a static pdf is now an evolving dynamic collaboration toolset.
We’re creating a powerful system for systemic climate change. A community for change-making cities around the world to work and learn together.

What does the future hold?
Let's find the best path to zero together.


Think local. Act local.

Cities—the greatest agents for change—have struggled with complicated reports and forecasts while global temperatures continue to rise. The choice is clear: we can endlessly measure and debate rates at which this will occur, or we can do something about it.

Local governments have declared climate emergency 

Countries have committed to the Paris Agreement