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Why we exist

ClimateView was created to facilitate and accelerate the transition towards a carbon neutral future. In 2017, we decided to let go of everything at hand to focus solely on how to help cities and nations to reach zero net CO2-emissions as fast as possible.

We set out to create something that could provide both overview and detail in one shared view, and we established a tailored framework for driving collaboration and action. It was the principles of Agile – from a philosophy built for the very purpose of tackling complex problems – that would become our fundamental guiding light.

What we do

ClimateView is a new standard to lead climate transformation in cities and nations. It’s a new visual language and the product of our knowledge in agile methodologies, digitalisation, data analysis and rapid software development.

By breaking down climate goals into feasible and actionable decisions, we help maximise the power of large-scale collaboration and alignment, creating momentum towards a carbon neutral future.

Who we are

It’s not what you say, it’s what you do. The time for only talking about climate change has long passed, and we are constantly asking ourselves: “How can we maximise impact in the shortest time possible?“

We direct our time and efforts to the pioneers. We want to help the ones who have started running in the right direction to, instead, start accelerating at lightspeed. And when they do, they are the ones who made it happen. We were only their stage technician.

Where we’re going

Our goal is to one day not exist. Our goal is to make ClimateView redundant by reaching global carbon neutrality.

Along the road towards that, we will have more and more nations, cities and organisations joining on as nodes in the global climate roadmap. And to achieve this, we will need people and entities to join our cause at an exponential rate as employees, educators, partners and champions. Because the time for talk is over.

Let’s do this.