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ClimateViews purpose – to help accelerate the world’s transition to carbon neutrality

The Company

ClimateView is a private company founded in Sweden 2017 with a clear purpose: to help accelerate the world’s transition to carbon neutrality.

Our contribution

Carbon emissions need to be reduced and eventually eliminated; with few exceptions, this is a common understanding globally. It is also clear that the faster we are able to make that transition, the better off we will be from all planetary and human aspects.

However, climate transitions are unique in their scale and complexity, and we have never attempted anything like it. They are dependent on a multitude of actions, combined with policy measures, high-tech solutions, low-tech solutions, and no-tech solutions: everything from hot fusion and electric aircraft to biking and walking. And all avenues will have to be explored – simultaneously.

This will require extensive collaboration between and within government bodies – central and local – not to mention, collaboration amongst governments, industry and society in general. And, as the climate crisis continues to worsen in the coming years and decades, governments and governance systems will be increasingly judged on their ability to deliver climate action and cut emissions.

So what do we bring to the table?

The situation room for climate action: that is the metaphor we use for ClimateView. It’s a room where people gather to receive real-time information – where experts are heard, discussions are held and decisions are made. It’s a room optimised to navigate a process where the goal is clear but the conditions change along the way. A room designed to accelerate the pace of climate transitions.

As the number of states, cities, businesses and citizen initiatives using ClimateView grows, the success of our venture is measured in one thing only: the pace of their transition.


Want to learn more?

ClimateView builds web-based situation rooms that help governments, businesses and citizens work better and faster together to achieve carbon neutrality. Contact us to see how your situation room can be up and running. Get started.

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