Simulate, execute and manage your climate transition

Powerful data modelling, integrated toolkits and a shared framework enable faster delivery and financing of your Climate Action Plan.

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Manage the transition

A single platform that makes it easy to improve and keep track of your climate transition


Make the economic case

Facilitate policy investment with robust data and ROI calculations

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Find the optimal pathway

Simulate the interdependent operations of your city with intuitive visualizations

Operationalize city and emissions data 

Begin decision-making sooner with a platform for referenced updating data for GHG protocols and city operations


Simulate scenarios with your digital twin

Collaboratively evaluate limitless what-ifs to sustainably transition your local economy


Focus on policy with impact

Fill the gaps with the actions most likely to reduce emissions and garner investment



Share a compelling story

Engage stakeholders with compelling data visualizations of your progress


Guide your continuous transition 

Manage data, teams and reporting with an agile operations tracking


Change your climate planning

From assumptions to

Data-driven decisions

Create focus, reveal gaps and tell a data-driven story to share an indisputable picture of your transition.

From consultation to


Co-create your city’s unique pathway to net zero with a centralised data repository, interactive analytics and beautiful engagement tools.

From static plans to

Agile delivery

Operationalise climate data, simulations and reports at scale to create and monitor the continuous delivery of your transition.

Explore the operating system


A complete integrated platform

Simulate, execute and manage your climate transition


Transition Guide

Verifiable climate plans in 4 simple steps

Make collaboration easy and pave the way for continuous improvement



Connect actions to targets

A robust data-driven approach built to be adaptable and forward-looking


Transition Elements

An emergent system simulating your city

Powerful modelling made easy for collaborative decision-making


Frequently asked questions

What is a Living Climate Action Plan?

A Living Climate Action Plan is a universal and dynamic framework that devises actionable and tailored strategies to reduce a city’s carbon emissions while balancing local economic needs with the transition. The ClimateOS platform, with its powerful data, model and toolsets, enables to build a Living Climate Action Plan that is constantly evolving, updating, and optimizing, and that responds dynamically to both a city’s needs and a climate strategist’s responsibilities. Operating on cloud software, the Living Climate Action Plan can be transparently displayed and shared with stakeholders, enabling seamless and smooth collaboration. 


What does ClimateOS cost?

We have a modular pricing structure that scales with your needs and your city size. Request a demo or contact sales for a detailed quote for your city.

The data we need to plan doesn’t exist, how can you help?

Our unique pool of data allows powerful and reliable data assumptions to be made so that cities can begin working with their pre-populated platform almost instantaneously. But the data is also continuously evolving. Harnessing the power of network effects, the more ClimateOS's user base scales, the stronger the data becomes. As such, if data for your plan does not exist, it is likely that our platform possesses the right data proxies to help you get started on your climate journey.