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How do you sustain socio-economic activity while shifting to low carbon alternatives?

The ClimateOS platform provides an easy to use framework for city transitions.

Cities are advanced,
interconnected systems

The ClimateOS platform breaks these down
into manageable Transition Elements

Each Element enables you to shift to a low carbon
operation while sustaining the underlying activity

You can simulate the interconnectedness
of the system to design the right pathway

To gain the insights you need to make decisions
at every level of the transition

And bring together stakeholders from across the city
to collaboratively plan your zero carbon economy

Months of work,

done in days

Plan, simulate and execute.
Faster and simpler than ever before.

Why cities choose the
ClimateOS platform

1. Manage complex systems


"The ClimateOS platform gives us a clear picture of where our emissions come from and the shifts we can make to reduce them. The unique benefit of the technology, for us, is that it intelligently links data from numerous activities so we can create a holistic, citywide plan of action.”

Dominik Stroh
Climate Policy Project Manager | Mannheim, Germany

2. Collaborate at scale



"Since we’ve fully integrated our plan with the platform, stakeholders are able to interact with it, try out different scenarios and learn how actions, targets and strategies all fit together. It is opening up the way for meaningful participation in the future development of the plan and in ensuring it is a dynamic, working strategy."

Naomi Clarke,
Senior Sustainability & Climate Change Officer | Dundee City Council, Scotland

3. Connect the dots


"We realized that beyond emissions data, what we needed was an evidence base linking real world shifts with emissions reduction. Joining the ClimateOS platform provided that granularity, and more."

Jim Cunningham
Climate Policy | Hammersmith & Fulham Council

4. Actionable


“For the first time, everyone gets a clear picture of where we are going, and what exactly is left to tackle. We get to show the impact of our proposed solutions on carbon abatement, which is a great basis for discussion with the industry to see how their planned measures complement the city’s.”

Elin Sundqvist
Climate Strategist | Helsingborg, Sweden

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