With ClimateOS, cities can build Living Climate Action Plans to discover and execute their optimal pathway to zero

Build and maintain entire plans:
From targets to reporting

Fast-track & enhance existing plans:
Add actionable insights

Discover the optimal path to sustainable emissions reduction for your city and its economy.

ClimateOS is the only platform for cities, municipalities and regional governments that responds dynamically to your climate journey.

  • Understand how activities are driving emissions in your city, and the mechanisms to reduce them
  • Continuously calculate the climate impact of your policy decisions
  • Engage stakeholders and collaborate your transition

Execute climate action faster

Climate OS populates and curates a range of data to ensure that you have the parameters you need to being planning
With machine learning, the data becomes better with each reporting cycle, and with each new city running on ClimateOS.
  • Actionable prepopulated relevant data
  • Adaptable data with network effects
Discover pathways for your city that meet your social, environmental and economic needs for a balanced transition.
Create and link actions to defined shifts in activity with probability based strategies and endeavors that guide policy making to get you moving forward confidently.
  • Collaborate and co-create scenarios for optimal pathways with stakeholders
  • Implementation recommendations with probability confidence
Your Living Climate Action Plan is visualised in an interactive publishable ClimateBoard. It presents your Transitions to help stakeholders understand and engage with the plan. It can inform policy-making and allows for faster feedback loops.
Probability based strategies and endeavors guide policy making to get you moving forward confidently.
  • Enables interactive collaboration with community groups and citizens
  • Increases accountability and transparency

The system for systemic climate change

All the features integrated into one dynamic, evolving platform
Activity Mapping

Map your local activities with pre-populated or imported data

Targets Setting

Define your vision, outline your ambition and set emissions goals

Pathway Discovery

Shape and optimize your pathway to zero


Create, review and soon, choose from, a suite of actions

Co-benefits | COMING SOON

Identify the costs and benefits of your plan


Bring your transition to life and involve stakeholders and citizens

Reporting | COMING SOON

Automatically create GHG-protocol reports

Funding & Financing | COMING SOON

Leverage robust data to help support your financing objectives

Where is your city on it's climate action journey?



Ready to move from goals to actions?

With a target balancing walkthrough, you’ll gain insights into how the ClimateOS will help with analysis and policy recommendations.


Looking for new perspectives?

Book an insights workshop with our climate experts to learn how leading cities use our Living Climate Action Plan based approach to make transitions faster.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Living Climate Action Plan?

A Living Climate Action Plan is a universal and dynamic framework that devises actionable and tailored strategies to reduce a city’s carbon emissions while balancing local economic needs with the transition. The ClimateOS platform, with its powerful data, model and toolsets, enables to build a Living Climate Action Plan that is constantly evolving, updating, and optimizing, and that responds dynamically to both a city’s needs and a climate strategist’s responsibilities. Operating on cloud software, the Living Climate Action Plan can be transparently displayed and shared with stakeholders, enabling seamless and smooth collaboration. 

The data we need to plan doesn’t exist, how can you help?

Our unique pool of data allows powerful and reliable data assumptions to be made so that cities can begin working with their pre-populated platform almost instantaneously. But the data is also continuously evolving. Harnessing the power of network effects, the more ClimateOS's user base scales, the stronger the data becomes. As such, if data for your plan does not exist, it is likely that our platform possesses the right data proxies to help you get started on your climate journey. 

What do we do with all our spreadsheet models?

If you already have an action plan, and many spreadsheets and data for your city,  it probably means that you already have most of the data that ClimateView works with. You can simply replace the default data already in your ClimateBoard with the data and values you have gathered for your action plan in the past and work iteratively and more dynamically than ever.