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How ClimateOS works


A new way to look at the full impact of your emission reduction activities. Quickly understand socio-economic impacts and collaboratively work to answer the necessary and difficult questions faced by your city with systemic analysis. 

Cities are advanced,
interconnected systems

The ClimateOS platform breaks the transition into manageable shifts, with Transition Elements

Each Element enables you to shift to a low carbon operation while sustaining the underlying activity, like commuting to work

You can simulate the interconnectedness of the system to design the right pathway

And gain the insights you need to design actions and align stakeholders

You can build the investment case to execute your plan

And include everyone in the journey towards net zero

What does it really take to align stakeholders?

Aligning stakeholders is the reason why climate action stalls. Whether it be to design policy or unlock financing, the climate transition is the result of collaborative decision-making. Alignment is easier with ClimateOS.


Everything in one place


A common language & framework


See trade-offs & gains


Iterative improvement


Costs & co-benefits


Designed for 2030 & beyond

How will ClimateOS accelerate
your transition to net zero?


Improve your plan

Improve your plan


Manage the delivery

Manage the delivery


Finance the transition

Finance the transition

Climate Strategists. City Finance. Issuers & Investors.

Bring key stakeholders to the table with ClimateOS