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Cities are complex systems.
Your tools shouldn’t be

More than project management, the ClimateOS platform is an end-to-end decision intelligence system.

  • End-to-end collaboration for city stakeholders
  • State-of-art modeling and interface design
  • Expert support and global community

Where are we now?

Unlock your data
from the spreadsheet cell


CDP Questionnaire Export

Manage city emissions with an activity-based data platform.

Rapidly understand the link between your city’s activities and associated emissions, and zero in on your priorities.



Centralize all your data

Reduce data work with an always updated, centralized and collaborative system.



Monitor and adapt faster

Localize data, assumptions and calculations to show the true picture of progress.

Simplify reporting-02


Simplify compliance reporting

Use a calculation model that is universally compatible with GPC and others.

"We realized that beyond emissions data, what we needed was an evidence base linking real world shifts with emission reductions. The ClimateOS platform provided that granularity, and more"


Jim Cunningham
Climate Policy & Strategy Lead | Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Where are we going?

Collaboratively explore
limitless what-if scenarios

Simulate your city and explore your pathways to net zero.

See the impact of interdependent low carbon transitions to understand the behavior change you need to create in your city.



Instantly build scenarios

A flexible, modular approach to modeling applied across sectors.



Interactive and interconnected

See compounding and canceling effects of the what-if pathway.



Collaborate cross department

Easily co-create pathways with multiple stakeholders.

"Since we’ve fully integrated our plan with the platform, stakeholders are able to interact with it, try out different scenarios and learn how actions, targets and strategies all fit together. It is opening up the way for meaningful participation in the future development of the plan and in ensuring it is a dynamic, working strategy."


Noami Clarke
Senior Sustainability and Climate Change Officer | Dundee City Council

Months of work,

done in days

Plan, simulate and execute.
Faster and simpler than ever before.

What do we need to do?

Connect the dots
between actions & targets

Add and connect your actions and plans with the Action Editor.

Spot gaps in your plan by identifying where emissions and targets are not addressed by actions.



See the big picture

Easily edit and update all your planned actions in one place.



Build SMART actions

Ensure actions are documented and tracked against the shift you are targeting.



Rank and rate suggestions

Prioritize proposed actions to create focus.

How do we get buy-in?

Allow everyone to engage
with the journey ahead 

Tell your story with a turnkey interactive plan website

Meaningfully communicate, engage and co-create with stakeholders to gain broad support for your plan. 



Interactive storytelling

Weave data, graphics and explanations together to boost comprehension.



See the whole transition

See macro and micro perspectives in one view to provide context and high priorities.



Community feedback

Communicate and gather feedback on proposals and progress.

“The wholesale decarbonisation of a city is something that’s never been done before and the challenge is absolutely enormous. The ClimateOS platform has been very helpful in setting the framework for local action planning and quantifying the carbon abatement from the actions that are proposed."


Tim Rippon
Senior Climate Change Advisor | Newcastle City Council

Digitalize your climate planning

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