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A story shared is a story lived

An impactful plan requires a clear vision and strong message. Embedded and backed up with facts and data. With ClimateOS, you have all the tools to tell and live your story like never before.


Your plan, on a page for everyone to engage with

Interactive visualization of your net-zero transition

An engaging public-facing climate plan clearly sets out the destination, the roles we each have to play and how to get there.

The ClimateBoard Drilldown allows you to understand the impact and visualise how each part of the plan connects to targets and the transition as a whole.

Importantly, it allows everyone to interact with the plan. It makes the the scale of the challenge visible, highlights how it impacts the community and shows progress.


“For the first time, everyone gets a clear picture of where we are going, and what exactly is left to tackle. We get to show the impact of our proposed solutions on carbon abatement, which is a great basis for discussion with the industry to see how their planned measures complement the City’s.”

Elin Sundqvist
Climate Strategist, Helsingborg

Evaluate limitless scenarios collaboratively

Discover your optimal pathway to zero

Bring teams, departments and stakeholders together to analyze and evaluate limitless "what-if" scenarios.

ClimateOS lets you instantly plan and recalculate the impact of policy choices, and see how they are interdependent on each other.

Evaluate how the low carbon shifts available for your economy impact your emissions trajectory.


"Since we’ve fully integrated our plan with the software, stakeholders are able to interact with it, try out different scenarios and learn how actions, targets and strategies all fit together. It is opening up the way for meaningful participation in the future development of the plan and in ensuring it is a dynamic, working strategy."

Naomi Clarke
Dundee City Council

Climate strategists don’t want to be data officers

Customizable, updating and fully transparent data

ClimateOS populates and curates a wide range of data to ensure that you have the parameters you need to plan, execute and track the transition.

Rapidly understand the link between your city’s activities and associated emissions, and zero in on your priorities.

With machine learning, the data becomes better with each reporting cycle, and with each new city running on ClimateOS.


"We realized that beyond emissions data, what we needed was an evidence base linking real world shifts with emissions reduction. Joining the pilot with ClimateView provided that granularity, and more."

Jim Cunningham
Hammersmith & Fulham Council

More features
of ClimateOS


Activity Mapping

Rapidly understand the link between your city’s activities and associated emissions and zero in on your priorities.


Pathway Discovery

Shape and optimise your pathway to net-zero.


Action Lab

Create a programme full of endeavours and implementations to deliver the balanced Transition pathway you have created.


Managing & Monitoring Progress

Examine the evolution of each transition with updating data, leading indicators and public progress status


ClimateBoard Drilldown

Present your Living Climate Action Plan and involve stakeholders and the public in the Transition


Knowledge Base

Learn together with innovative climate cities from around the world

Continue exploring the operating system


Connect actions to targets

A robust data-driven approach built to be adaptable and forward-looking


Transition Guide

Verifiable climate plans in 4 simple steps

Make collaboration easy and pave the way for continuous improvement


Transition Elements

An emergent system simulating your city

Powerful modelling made easy for collaborative decision-making


Download the ClimateOS fact-sheet

A shareable overview of the transition platform ClimateOS