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ClimateOS Features

The toughest job in the city needs the hardest working tools

Set goals.

Create strategy.

Take action.


  • Take a systems approach
  • Understand more than carbon abatement
  • Prioritize and focus on what matters

Understand the challenge ahead

Cities ask us... ClimateOS helps with...
What should we do about incomplete data?
Pre-populated, transparent data
Which emissions do we take responsibility for?
Setting an activity-based baseline
How do we align goals with the Paris Agreement?
Calculating city-level carbon budgets

Activity Inventory

Unlock your data from the spreadsheet cell to manage city emissions with an activity-based data platform.

  • Operationalize all your data
  • Monitor and adapt faster
  • Simplify compliance reporting
  • Export to CDP questionnaire

Find the right pathway

Cities ask us... ClimateOS helps with...
How do we align all sub-strategies?
Cross-sectorial analysis
What is our best pathway to net zero?
Collaborative scenario planning
What will the transition cost & who should pay?
Socio-economic analysis

Transition Elements

The universal building blocks that models the shift from a high carbon to low carbon activity in a city’s transition.

  • 100+ transition sectors
  • Actionable sub-targets
  • Leading indicators

Emissions Scenarios

Explore limitless what-if scenarios to find the right pathways towards your targets.

  • Instantly build scenarios
  • See compounding and canceling effects
  • Collaborate cross-department

Energy model

Resource scenarios help you understand your city's energy needs to integrate resource planning into your transition plan.

Economic Scenarios

Understand the costs and co-benefits of emissions scenarios to evaluate implementation feasibility.

  • Net Present Value of scenarios
  • Systemic integrated analysis
  • Stakeholder attribution

Turn actions into investments 

Cities ask us... ClimateOS helps with...
Are we doing enough?
Analyzing & visualizing gaps
What should we do more of?
Targeting behaviour change
What will it cost?
Building business case
How do we get buy-in?
Engaging stakeholders

Action Planner

Design SMART actions that address gaps, align stakeholders and target the necessary behaviour change to deliver your strategy.

  • Implementation costs 
  • Behavioural drivers
  • Action status tracking

Investment Plan

Integrate investment planning into your action planning and iteratively build the business case for each transition.

  • Bundle actions in Transition Element portfolios
  • Include stakeholder attribution
  • Built-in activity indicators and KPIs

Plan Visualization

Allow everyone to engage with the journey ahead with a turnkey interactive plan website

  • Interactive storytelling
  • See the whole transition
  • Show priorities and progress

Lack of capacity.
Analysis paralysis.


Cross the most pressing barriers to progress off your issue list.

Download the fact-sheet

A shareable overview of the ClimateOS platform