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Tell a powerful
story of change

Digitalize the way you communicate your story with the ClimateOS plan visualization.

Grow collaborations. Gain credibility. Get ahead. 

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Cluster your data Display your total baseline emissions and the shifts you've planned to lower them
Show the transition From historical emissions, to your end year, show how you plan to curb emissions year by year
Explain your why Add color and context to explain your decisions
Search, sort & filter Connect emissions and actions for relevant snapshots of your progress
Compile your actions Collect and record what is happening on the ground to advance your transition
Tell the whole story Share your overall reasoning and what it means to transition to a low carbon economy
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Your turn-key

public climate plan 

1. Save resources

Communicating your climate progress is a full time job. That's why the ClimateOS platform auto-generate visuals. 

Press publish. Spend your time implementing your plan instead. 

2. Engage and improve, in real-time

Hundreds of actors operate in your city. That's as many potential ideas you could use to move faster. 

Get feedback, work with city stakeholders and citizens, iterate and update – fill in the blanks of your shared story in real-time.  

3. Gain trust and credibility

Your pledge now has an evidence-base. Your communication includes data-driven visuals. Your plan includes many voices.

Your plan is now fundable, and ready to implement. 

Digitalize your climate planning

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