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Create and manage verifiable climate plans

ClimateOS helps you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your climate plan and guides your strategy to ensure your successful transition to a zero carbon economy.


Deliver on Paris Agreement commitments


Verify that your ambition aligns with the Paris Agreement


Collaborate and engage with stakeholders to build buy-in


Design policies and actions to meet the need for impact


Monitor your momentum, challenges and execution

Guiding the way forward

To turn planning into progress, we need foresight that tells us where and how we can improve tomorrow, today.

We need a new best practice for working with climate strategy; a shared framework that assesses the likelihood of success of our planned transition.

As a data-driven compass, the Transition Score assesses your climate strategy against four key categories: Ambition, Confidence, Buy-in and Momentum. No more distractions and unknowns. The Transition Score aims for impact, pointing you in the direction that will make the biggest difference in your journey. 

ClimateOS provides you with the tools to work and follow this best practice. With a defined, yet agile way of working in your team, across departments and beyond, to catalyse progress. 


Establish the baseline for your city’s operations and BAU-scenario

A climate plan starts with an estimate of your current city operations, made possible by:

Bottom-up activity data

Using a number of technical and socio-economic parameters, define the carbon causal chain of any activity in your city to visialize your current baseline GHG emissions and get a realistic digital twin of your city.


Modular boundaries

Instead of relying on reporting scopes or geographical boundaries, modulate a more versatile and granular decision space by selecting the activities you want to take responsibility for.


ClimateOS allows you create this foundation thanks to:

  • Instant carbon inventory with more than 250 pre-defined parameters
  • Hundreds of modular Transition Elements that model shifts from high to low carbon activities



Verify that your ambition aligns with the Paris Agreement

An ambitious climate plan starts with well-justified targets that are:


1. Science-based Targets

Calculate your carbon budget and find pathways to stay below a 2 degree global temperature increase.


2. Responsible

Identify your decision space for your city and choose a target that takes responsibility for the full scope of your city’s activities.

3. High definition

Create inter-year or carbon budget period sub-targets as well as highly-focused sectoral targets. 


ClimateOS facilitates your ambitious pathway thanks to:

  • A customisable library of Transition Elements
  • Agent-based modeling
  • Pathway discovery tools


Build confidence with actions that meet the demands for estimated impact


A plan inspires confidence when it tangibly connects and statistically assesses the probability of success for emissions reductions in a way that matches ambitions and displays:


1. Impact estimates

Provide probabilities of success for all actions using impact probability trees for each target. 

2. Measurability

Present defined statistical sources for all primary and proxy indicators. 

3. Costs and co-benefits

Supplement emissions reductions with other associated benefits. 


ClimateOS allows you focus on impact by:

  • Tracking primary indicator measurements
  • Modeling impact probability assessments
  • Showing costs and co-benefits for ROI evaluation


Collaborate and engage with stakeholders to build buy-in

A plan that develops broad support and improves the confidence of planned actions necessarily involves:

1. Co-creation

Involve and align with key city stakeholders, and incorporate learnings and knowledge from other cities’ experiences.

2. A broad-basis

Involve citizens in the decision-making process. 

3. Transparency

Continuously update your public-facing climate action plan. 


ClimateOS allows you to collaborate at scale through:

  • Co-creation analytics tools
  • A visualization dashboard
  • Transparent data and reasoning


Monitor the momentum and execution of the plan

A plan that shortens reporting cycles and dynamically updates emissions reductions must necessarily feature a quarterly and yearly review of:


1. Implemented Actions

Measures of the actions defined in the plan against their actual execution.


2. Targets

Measure whether you are on track to reach your target using leading indicators.


3. The overarching goal

Assess the overall probability of success.


ClimateOS allows you to track and communicate Momentum with:

  • Leading indicators
  • Dynamically updating data
  • Progress and Action Communication

Transition Score

Follow improvements, identify gaps and iterate

The Transition Score quantitatively measures and continuously assesses the likelihood of success of your Climate Action Plan.

It provides an honest macro perspective of your transition as well as a micro lens to guide you to each next step, to ensure a successful transition.

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Find actionable insights for your strategy and execution


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A complete integrated platform

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Connect actions to targets

A robust data-driven approach built to be adaptable and forward-looking


Transition Elements

An emergent system simulating your city

Powerful modelling made easy for collaborative decision-making


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A guidance system to understand where to focus your attention to create progress faster