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Partnership: BABLE Smart Cities and ClimateView

Team Thu, 11 May 2023

To contribute to the acceleration of city innovation and climate transition, ClimateView and BABLE are joining forces through a partnership. 

BABLE Smart Cities is Europe's top facilitator for Smart Cities, providing practical insights and market access to accelerate change in the public and private sectors.

With only 27 years on the countdown until 2050, expediting our work towards net zero becomes essential. How do we do this? Combine forces, grow important partnerships, and move in the same direction.”

- Alexander Schmidt, CEO, BABLE

With over a decade of experience and €2Billion in facilitated projects, BABLE offers the most comprehensive Smart City datasets and insights in Europe through their free knowledge hub and platform while also providing expert advice and capacity-building activities. 

"BABLE and ClimateView have more in common than just our city-focus. We also love climate action that matters - and that moves quickly.”

- Einar Bodström, CEO, ClimateView

ClimateView is a Swedish climate tech company that accelerates cities' transition to zero carbon economies. The platform, ClimateOS, combines data and systemic analysis to enable cities to plan, manage and fund the transition to net zero.