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CDP Webinar: Can a new framework accelerate climate action in cities?

Manon Morel Wed, 20 April 2022

It is commonly expected for cities to embark into bold climate action. But few cities succeed in creating robust climate action plans today for a very simple reason: there is a lack of the guidance and frameworks on how to achieve them. 

“What step should I undertake and at what stage? When am I done with a certain step and ready to move forward? What is good enough data?” These are all unresolved questions that climate strategists’ nightmares are made of. 

To answer these questions, we have created the Transition Framework, a 7-step process for cities to approach this challenge. It combines leading frameworks from organizations such as C40, PCAN and Bloomberg Associates and helps guide climate strategists each step of the way. 

In this CDP webinar, ClimateView experts give some insights into how to best leverage this best practice playbook for creating climate action plans and provide a thorough description of what it means to think about actions and implementation, to accelerate cities’ transitions. 


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