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Case study: Cincinnati

Karolina Eklöw Wed, 07 December 2022

Cincinnati has raised the standard for city climate action in the U.S. Since 2008, they have worked on a holistic Climate Action Plan with an aim for 80% emission reduction by 2050. But recently, Cincinnati got the confidence to aim higher. Now, they aim for a 100% emissions reduction, and the Climate Action Plan (the Green Cincinnati Plan) puts the just transition first. Cincinnati is the first city to publish a ClimateOS dashboard. 

Core values in Cincinnati

✓  Camaraderie in the city networks regionally and globally.
✓  Innovation for climate equity and accountability. 
✓  Involvement of local communities with hundreds of stakeholders. 


Since joining ClimateOS, the city has

✓   A higher target in reaching net zero by 2050. The city can now gather all stakeholders around the same visualisations and identify which initiatives that will have the biggest impact – and are worth investing in. 

✓ More funding options – with a clear Climate Action Plan and a new new level of accountability in documenting their progress, Cincinnati can focus on securing the funding and investments needed, and make the most of the Inflation Reduction Act.

✓ Improved climate planning in the U.S by working iteratively with ClimateView in tailoring the digital climate planning platform to fit the local needs of U.S. cities.


Download the case study here: