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City government green bond guide: What you need to know

Manon Morel Mon, 20 March 2023

As cities worldwide continue to look for investment opportunities, many are considering turning to green finance. While local governments’ issuance makes for only a small part of the impressive $2trn green bond market in 2022, their issuance was more resilient amid a difficult time for debt issuance. Experts predict that with the expected plateau for interest rates and the implementation of government policies, local governments' outlook for green bond issuance in 2023 is promising.

But what can local governments expect from green bond issuance in the next year? How are bonds reviewed? Is the Inflation Reduction Act relevant? And, importantly, what can cities do to successfully raise a green bond?

We have teamed up with Capital Monitor (New Statesman Media Group) to bring you the latest information on green bonds, including who is issuing, where and at what volumes. You can expect:

  • Trends: How and why global green bond issuance expected to rebound in 2023, driven by policies and regulatory efforts.
  • Examples: The benefits of investing in green bonds, including potential savings and successful examples from local governments. 
  • A step-by-step guide: How to raise a green bond as a city – best practices and key considerations. 

Download the guide here.