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ClimateView at COP26

Manon Morel Wed, 27 October 2021

Tomer Shalit, Founder and CPO of ClimateView and Carey Hamilton, VP North America  will be taking part in COP26 and join Business Sweden and Team Sweden in the Swedish Pavilion (Blue zone) to showcase the power of Swedish Innovations and take part in a number of important discussions and events. 


Ranging from Swedish exports, Exponential Climate Policy, to Finance and Democracy, the events will cover a broad variety of topics on what needs to happen to accelerate the transition to zero. 

We will be actively participating in two events in week 1 and leading two events in week 2. Join us! Live stream links will be posted on the relevant pages and on our linkedin and twitter closer to the time of the event. 


Event Schedule 


Week 1

Thursday 4 November 15.30 GMT


The Climate Benefits of Exports: Learnings from Companies and the Government 

The purpose of this event is to share and showcase the Swedish Experience of successful export promotion of sustainable solutions and how Swedish exports contribute to the green transition globally. 


  • Gustaf Bergström, Business Sweden, Trade & Invest Commissioner of Sweden to the UK 
  • Krister Nilsson, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Secretary to Anna Hallberg, Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs
  • Magnus Jiborn, Global Challenges, Head of Research 
  • Tomer Shalit, CPO, ClimateView 
  • Johan Södeström, Hitachi Energy, EVP Europe, Middle East and Africa 
  • Marie Trogstam, AFRY, Head of Sustainability 


Friday 5 November 14.15 GMT 

Enabling Exponential Climate Policy 

Science makes it clear that policies need to enable and support businesses to align with the carbon law. The report Governing our Climate Future launched by the Global Challenges Foundation together with the Exponential Roadmap Initiative focuses on the policies and governance solutions needed to achieve this, building on the Exponential Roadmap: scaling 36 solutions to halve emissions by 2030. The policies should be purposeful and exponentially scalable.

This event will inspire and educate policymakers, business leaders and civil society in the policies and governance solutions needed to halve global emissions by 2030 and scale the 36 solutions identified. 


  • Dr. Arunabha Ghosh, CEO, Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)
  • Mattias Frumerie, Head of Delegation, UNFCCC at Swedish Ministry of Environment
  • Jimena Leiva Roesch, Head of Peace and Sustainable Development, International Peace Institute and Guatemala's former lead negotiator for the Paris Agreement
  • Linda Burenius, Head of Development, Global Challenges Foundation
  • Tomer Shalit, Founder & CPO, ClimateView
  • Anders Langworth, Group Head Sustainability, Nordea
  • Johan Falk, CEO, Exponential Roadmap Initiative

Week 2 


Monday 8 November 13.00 GMT

Building Zero Carbon Economies: Aligning Technology, Policy & Finance  

Investment is the #1 challenge for cities when it comes to accelerating climate action. As we move from planning into implementation after Glasgow, cities will increasingly need to secure this crucial funding for their plans to materialise.


This event, hosted by Business Sweden and organised by ClimateView will be moderated by Andrew Wilson, Global Policy Director at the International Chamber of Commerce. It will bring together key voices from the financial and tech world to discuss how to make net-zero bankable for financiers and how technology can help cities understand the full impact that shifting to low carbon alternatives has on their economy and ultimately how they can make the business case for their transition and go after the funding they need.


  • Andrew Wilson, Global Policy Director, International Chamber of Commerce
  • Johan Henningsson, SEK
  • Stefan Henningsson, Nordea
  • Tomer Shalit, ClimateView


Tuesday 9 November 17.00 GMT

How to integrate Climate Policy, Democracy and Innovation: Panorama 

Transparency and accountability are the markers of a democratic, equitable and just transition.

This event, hosted by Business Sweden and organised by ClimateView, will focus on the role that technology plays in driving accountability and engagement in Swedish climate policy.

Using Panorama, the Swedish digital roadmap running on ClimateOS, as a starting point, experts from government, business and tech will discuss the benefits of the technology and how it can drive progress internationally.


  • Carey Hamilton, VP North America, ClimateView (Moderator)
  • Tomer Shalit, CPO and Founder, ClimateView
  • Noak Westerberg, Project Manager of Panorama, Swedish Climate Policy Council
  • Robert Falk, CEO, Inventor and Founder, Einride

If you are interested in other events by Team Sweden, you will be able to find the calendar here.