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ClimateView at the Third Exponential Climate Action Summit

Manon Morel Fri, 24 September 2021

On Thursday, September 23, Fredrik Uddenfeldt, VP Community Growth at ClimateView, took part in the Third Exponential Climate Action Summit. Organized by Exponential Roadmap, We Don’t Have Time and Ericsson, the conference aimed at sharing knowledge, connecting experts, sparking action and leading to a step up in ambition from all parts. 

Covering ‘Circularity and the Race to Zero’, the global online broadcast focused on the challenges, opportunities, and creative solutions around circularity and resource efficiency. It brought together transformers, disruptors and enablers to explore how a circular economy can contribute to lowering emissions while also addressing human needs. 

Listen in to learn about an incredible array of experts and solutions, on topics ranging from Rethinking the built environment, Transitioning Transport, Transforming work, Food production, Fashion, and Inclusion. 

And click here to listen to Fredrik Uddenfeldt as he explains a key part of the ClimateView philosophy:  the centrality of helping cities shift their activities from high-to-low carbon while maintaining the same economic need for the Race to Zero.