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ClimateView collaborates with Microsoft to accelerate cities’ climate action

Manon Morel Tue, 16 November 2021

“Cities are where the climate battle will largely be won or lost”, said Antonio Guterres, ahead of COP26. With the conference now behind us, cities need assistance, in the words of the Secretary General, to “push further and faster” to make the transition happen. 

With the free ClimateOS Analysis toolkit launching today, we intend to help cities do just this. And we are proud to announce our collaboration with Microsoft to bolster our message and reach, and rapidly make cities’ decarbonisation a reality.  

Empowering cities together

Governments, corporations, and individuals all have a role to play in making the climate transition happen. Microsoft and ClimateView’s strategic collaboration is a strong manifestation of that. 

Our relationship with Microsoft goes back a long way, starting with the choice of cloud platform on which our software operates. Microsoft Azure was an immediate favorite as the cloud platform with the lowest CO2 footprint. And Microsoft’s broader sustainability engagements and commitment to a low carbon future made it all the more meaningful.

ClimateView founder Tomer Shalit, said:  

‘With the help of Microsoft, we have and are continuing to build and deploy our cloud software and methodologies to help cities simulate their transition in their digital twin and execute their optimal pathway to zero, getting us closer to our joint-commitment to a low carbon future.’  

Microsoft has 20 years’ experience of developing smart city solutions that use data and digital technology to make cities more sustainable, and will promote ClimateOS through their networks and city partners. José Antonio Ondiviela, Microsoft Western Europe Government / Smart Cities Solutions Director, said:

‘All over the world cities are using new technology and data to improve residents’ lives, provide better services and support thriving businesses. We know there is strong demand for smart city solutions to address the huge challenge of decarbonisation, and ClimateView’s platform is designed to support cities through a successful net zero transition.’

This month, ClimateView is also attending the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, as an exhibitor in the Microsoft space, to showcase the ClimateOS platform and how it can help turbo-charge climate action.