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COP26 Conversations: Integrating climate policy, democracy and innovation

Manon Morel Fri, 03 December 2021

Last month, ClimateView was on the ground at COP26 to take part in important conversations about where we are collectively and the road ahead. In this series of posts, we come back on some of the important conversations that took place in the Swedish Pavilion. 

In the past few years, there has been increasing demand for transparency, accountability and collaboration through citizen and stakeholder engagement when it comes to the climate challenge. 

Sweden’s approach to the question has been particularly interesting, with the creation of the Swedish Climate Policy Council (SCPC), an independent scientific council to assess if the overall policy of the Government is compatible with the climate goals. 

Relevant to ClimateView is the SCPC’s choice of tools when it comes to displaying the country’s transition to net-zero 2045. The Council opted for Panorama, a visual roadmap and representation of the transition powered by the ClimateOS platform, which is the product of many months of co-creation between the Council and ClimateView.

Carey Hamilton, ClimateView’s VP North America, moderated a conversation between Tomer Shalit, ClimateView’s CPO and Founder, Noak Westerberg, Project Manager for Panorama at the Swedish Climate Policy Council and Christofer Laurell, Senior VP Research and Public Affairs at Einride

Watch the session:


The conversation centered on Panorama and reflects on the role of technology and innovation in enabling greater transparency and democratizing climate knowledge and policy. It draws on the Swedish example to highlight the importance of collaboration between all corners of society, from business, to citizens and other stakeholders and discusses its potential for replicability beyond Sweden.