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From reporting to execution: A CDP bitesize webinar

Raphaëlle Cohen Thu, 24 March 2022

Cities today see themselves confronted with increasing demands on their financial and human resources as they need to transform no less than their entire way of operating while also staying accountable vis-a-vis the public. More than often, resources are stretched too thin across all three domains of planning, reporting and execution.

As of now, the reporting and planning phases get the most attention. Cities need to create inventories and plans for disclosure purposes but also to understand where to act and what to focus on. The more time goes on planning and reporting, the more the implementation phase is delayed. 

In 2020, more than half of the 812 cities that disclosed their emissions to CDP had no climate action plan in place.

Why are there so many cities reporting, but so few with robust climate action plans in place? What is wrong with the way we currently think about data? How can digital platforms help cities accelerate the planning phase?

This CDP bitesize webinar is a conversation between two of our experts at ClimateView, and Elin Sundqvist, Environmental Strategist at the city of Helsingborg. Together, they discuss the whys and wherefores of using digital solutions to build integrated city climate plans and moving from reporting to execution, faster. 

Watch the recording here: 

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