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How innovative collaboration drives Malmö’s climate action

Manon Morel Tue, 14 June 2022


The city of Malmö, Sweden’s third largest, has successfully reinvented itself. From an industrial city, the city has become a city of knowledge and culture. It has achieved further prosperity with the construction of the Öresund bridge road, railway and tunnel project, linking Malmö to Copenhagen and to European rail lines. 

With the Turning Torso – the architectural structure overlooking the city skyline – facing the world as a symbol of openness, Malmö is a progressive city that has been making diversity and sustainability its key characteristics. 

The city, which has made bold moves to set increasingly ambitious targets over the years, is now gearing up to deliver a paced and diligent transition to net-zero by 2030 for a just and equitable transition. 

This case study explores Malmö’s transition and its upcoming challenges, the markers of its transformation and the configuration of its climate action plan.

In it, Trevor Graham, Senior Climate Advisor and Anna Roslund, Climate Strategist at the City of Malmö paint a picture of how the city is accelerating an already positive trajectory, using innovative collaborations. 

Learn more about Malmö's transition. Download the case study: 


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