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How cities and ClimateView are making climate action happen

ClimateView FastCompany World's Most Innovative Company

ClimateView Recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2021

ClimateView has been named to Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021, ranking No. 5 in the Energy Category.

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Digitalisation is key to a carbon neutral Europe

Industry experts estimate that digitalisation can save about 20% more CO2 than it produces in the process. And the possibilities are gigantic. The city of Mannheim, one of..

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Can GovTech decrease the costs of Climate Action Planning?

Why aren’t we further down the line when it comes to climate action planning? The answer is simple: cost is still a major inhibitor. We saw it again just last week: the UK..

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Encouraging Cities to Tackle Climate Change, One Step at a Time

In an interview by Ladderworks, a publishing platform with the mission to inspire (at least) a million kids and youth around the world to become entrepreneurs with empathy, Tomer..

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Swedish cities' experiences in visualizing the climate transition

Last month, Viable Cities, the Swedish strategic innovation programme designed to make smart cities a key element in the transition to a sustainable society held a Climate..

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Hardware Sustainability: A Core Business Responsibility

With the fast-moving pace of the tech industry, new versions of mobile phones and laptops are constantly developed and presented on the market. More than 266 million mobile phones..

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Swedish Ministry of Environment proposes strengthening Climate Policy Council’s use of Panorama

In June 2019, the Swedish Climate Policy Council, an independent body responsible for assessing if the Swedish government’s policy is compatible with climate goals, released..

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Why is increased transparency the solution to effective climate planning?

Transparency has always been regarded as an outward sign of good governance, but it is a virtue that often gets lost along the way. The reason? Transparency is a risky business:..

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Moving the climate discussion towards concrete action

“To date, over 1,700 local governments in 30 countries have made climate emergency declarations, yet we still remain firmly in the diagnostic stage. Everyone wants to become..

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The moonshot to save the planet

"The climate world is full of bold goals. The Paris Agreement itself is very ambitious, and many cities have chosen to go beyond that: committing to climate neutrality by 2030 or..

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