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Shizuoka – the first Japanese city on ClimateOS

Manon Morel Mon, 26 December 2022

Amid renewed calls for all-encompassing and faster climate action after COP27, ClimateView enters the Asian market with partner ISID and Shizuoka City joining the ClimateOS platform. 

In April 2022, Shizuoka was selected as one of 100 Decarbonization Leading Areas as part of the Japanese Ministry of Envionment’s programme for Net Zero 2050. The Programme, equivalent to the recently launched 100 EU Mission Cities, is however distinctive for its implementation of forward-looking initiatives on a regional basis and limited territory. 

The Programme aims to help the selected areas reach carbon neutrality in a variety of ways – emphasizing the introduction of renewable energy facilities to the areas. It also encourages initiatives targeting behavioral change and promotes the need to foster a collaborative environment by presenting transparent and accessible information to the community as well as a system for local government and businesses to work together to effectively and coherently plan emission reduction measures.

ISID, Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. a technology company promoting overseas businesses in Japan – on topics ranging from smart cities, digital tools for local government to decarbonization – stepped in and set out to help Shizuoka City achieve its goals by providing the ClimateOS platform to respond to the Programme’s imperatives of data-driven decision making,  transparency and collaboration.

As a ClimateView partner, ISID will help Shizuoka visualize and simulate the effect of their planned measures towards their regional emissions reduction goals and provide a system for local companies and citizens alike to follow progress – by using the ClimateOS platform. 

Today, ISID continues to engage with other local governments in Japan with an interest in implementing the ClimateOS technology – making Shizuoka the first of more to come. 


Press release in Japanese available here.