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Swedish climate professionals training and networking with ClimateView

Manon Morel Sat, 25 January 2020

Climate professionals from Swedish Government Agencies and municipalities came together past January 16 in Stockholm for our course “Practical tools and processes for your climate change”. 

Achieving Sweden’s goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2045 relies heavily on the ability of climate professionals to find new ways to structure and communicate the municipality's climate work, and to collaborate both internally and externally. Panorama, a publicly available digital platform created by ClimateView for the Swedish Climate Policy Council, offers the foundation for doing that. And a group of 22 climate experts, strategists and project leaders from Kristianstad, Eskilstuna, Linköping, Haninge, Blekinge, Klimatkommunerna, Nacka, Lidköping, Dalarna, Örebro and Sollentuna, recently gathered in our 1-day course to work together for aligning their work with the national goal.

In the course Hans Brattberg and Orren Shalit from ClimateView conducted practical and interactive exercises for learning:

• how the National Panorama works and is used in practice

• to achieve effective climate work with limited data

• to create a coherent plan with emissions, targets, potentials, indicators and instruments

• practical methods for effective climate cooperation with external actors in society to anchor and implement their climate plan at municipal and regional level

• how CO2 budgets work and how they can be used in practice

It was great to work together and to have the opportunity to connect and network. Thanks to all participants for their positive energy and engagement! 

If  you are also working with climate change at regional or municipal level and are interested in participating in one of our courses, don’t hesitate to contact Fredrik Uddenfeldt at ClimateView (