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Swedish Ministry of Environment proposes strengthening Climate Policy Council’s use of Panorama

Manon Morel Fri, 16 October 2020

In June 2019, the Swedish Climate Policy Council, an independent body responsible for assessing if the Swedish government’s policy is compatible with climate goals, released Panorama, a dashboard powered by ClimateView. With Panorama, Sweden has made its roadmap publicly available online and disclosed how it concretely plans on achieving carbon neutrality by 2045.  

In September 2020, the Swedish Ministry of Environment proposed initiatives to support national and international environmental and climate work in the budget bill for 2021. It announced that the Climate Policy Council’s work with Panorama should be strengthened, as a means to stay on track with and concretize the country’s ambitious climate action plan.

The announcement of the 2021 budget bill also encapsulated investments in green recovery initiatives and the announcement that Sweden will host a high-level meeting in 2022 to support international climate action, all of which sets Sweden for an ambitious and promising year in 2021.

(Photo by Hendrik Morkel on Unsplash.)