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Swedish sustainability powerhouses Lisen Schultz and Maria Wetterstrand join ClimateView’s board

Manon Morel Tue, 22 February 2022

Today, February 22, we are proud to announce that we are welcoming Lisen Schultz and Maria Wetterstrand into ClimateView’s board of directors. 

When addressing a challenge as significant as the climate crisis, having the right allies and mentors is critical. Lisen Schultz and Maria Wetterstrand bring exceptional qualifications, qualities and leadership to the ClimateView board, which will help us immensely as we strive to transform city climate planning into progress.

In the words of Einar Bodström, ClimateView’s CGO, “with their respective extensive experience from politics, academics and private sector, both Maria and Lisen will be fantastic support for ClimateView’s journey. We all share the conviction that Sweden can contribute to the global acceleration of the climate transition by leading the way. We’re very excited to work with them”. 

Lisen Schultz is a researcher at the University of Stockholm, founder of the ‘Pontus Schultz foundation for a more humane economy’ as well as the Program Director for the unique leadership program for top executives at the Stockholm Resilience Center.  

“To transition our society to one that meets everyone’s needs without warming the planet is a gigantic collaboration project. ClimateView creates a shared starting point for everyone involved: public servants, politicians, industry leaders, academics and especially citizens. The platform makes both new and old research actionable for decision makers and at the same time, makes it possible for us all to follow and impact the transition in real time,” says Lisen Schultz.

Maria Wetterstrand, former multi-term parliamentarian and spokesperson for the Swedish Green Party, is currently CEO for Miltton Europe, a public affairs-consultancy headquartered in Brussels. Maria is specialized in EU-related sustainability issues within the European Union. She currently has no other board commitments. 

“The first time I came in contact with ClimateView I was struck by a wish that the technology had existed during my time in politics, it takes accessibility and transparency in the climate transition to a whole new level. The fact that the platform is unique in its approach is highlighted by the fact that many cities around the world, in a relatively short period of time, are using it. And it’s extra special that Swedish authorities have been involved in its development, showing the collaborative spirit of the public and private sectors,” says Maria Wetterstrand.