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The guide “digitalizing climate planning” is out

Manon Morel Tue, 08 February 2022

The new guide “Digitalizing Climate Planning: Towards New, Dynamic Ways-of-Working for Cities” is out. It outlines what the future of climate work can and should be made of. 

The future of climate work 

The future of climate work is about changing our ways-of-working so as to better manage complexity, save precious time and ensure a greater probability of success towards net-zero goals. 

It is a future geared towards rapid and effective climate action planning. 

A future we deem possible only by purposefully inviting digital platforms and agile working into our practices. 

A new frontier: The digital transformation of climate planning

While digitalization has breached the surface of climate action planning with the upswing of the ClimateTech industry and the Smart Cities field, it has so far not been applied in a transformative way to the work of everyday climate strategists. 

Target and action setting remain very much manual, project management remains siloed, access to data is laborious. As such, more attention needs to be put into digitalizing, automating and simplifying the actual climate planning process. 

Digitalization of this kind is a prerequisite for both the uptake of narrow climate tech solutions at city-level and for becoming a smart city. Importantly, it is also a prerequisite for dynamic, evidence-based and impactful climate action planning. 

Why digitalizing climate planning is more important than ever 

Out of the 812 cities reporting to CDP in 2020, 51% had no climate action plan and only 18% had science-based targets. We see a clear relationship between the slow progress of climate action planning and the fact that climate strategists continue to be ill-equipped.

By nature, climate planning is a dynamic, iterative process that requires logic and a clear evidenced-based approach involving multiple stakeholders. Climate strategists need new tools. 

Only powerful data modelling, decision-making intelligence and interface design will be able to accommodate the work required by today’s climate emergency. 

The future is now 

Digitalize your climate team’s ways-of working now. 

Download the full guide here