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Tomer Shalit on technology, the environment and democracy at the Forum Talk organized by the Council of Europe

Manon Morel Wed, 18 August 2021

The Forum Talk is part of the year-long campaign, organised by the Council of Europe and the World Forum for Democracy, and revolves around one question: Can democracy save the environment? Each month, a different topic is discussed. This month, technology was added to this already complex question. 

CEOs, researchers and policy experts gathered to reflect on the place of technology in this equation, discussing whether technology acts as an enabler, or an impediment to democracy and climate action. 

The line-up of speakers analysed numerous issues ranging from human psychology, cognitive biases and its links to technology, to citizen engagement and connection, to the broader democratization of climate knowledge and the need to foster trust when it comes to climate data, and provided various ways in which tech can help or hinder, democracy and climate action. 

Our take-away from this brilliant discussion? Technology truly goes both ways in reinforcing but also weakening the link between democracy and climate action. There is a lot to be gained from using technology and focusing on empowering those that want positive change, rather than to change the minds of those who, compelled by various technological algorithms, resist that change. 


For more insights, watch the full webinar here