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Transition Targets Launch

Manon Morel Wed, 20 May 2020

ClimateView today released the open-data initiative Transition Targets.

Visit to download the white paper. Designed for cities, regions, and nations. Click here to see the film.

Transition Targets is an Open-Data Initiative (ODI) from ClimateView. These initial 79 Targets have been designed to help cities, regions, and nations plan for and achieve their emission reduction goals. We intend to expand the number of Targets as we grow our ODI, and we will make all Targets (as well as the underlying calculations) publicly available. We invite scientists, policy leaders, city planners and engineers, and strategists from all backgrounds focused on this problem to use and to further develop these Transition Targets.

Cities need to be empowered to work with leading indicators as they strive for carbon neutrality.

The framework consists of a set of 79 Transition Targets that have been identified and developed in association with Sweden’s Panorama project and in collaboration with the Swedish Climate Policy Council, Environmental Protection Agency, and Energy Agency (film). ClimateView has then adapted these Targets for use by cities worldwide.

Climate transparency for cities

Reaching carbon neutrality involves monumental shifts that will require collaboration from nearly every part of society. Since informed, democratic decision-making requires access to facts and scrutiny of the assumptions, the sources must be accessible, pedagogical, and transparent to all stakeholders.

Transition Targets are presented in a way that enables broad engagement necessary for city transition planning. By collecting and harmonizing open data, we promote collective learning and best-practice sharing within and across departments, cities, and other knowledge repositories.

Open data & model initiative

As we iterate and expand upon this initial set of Transition Targets, we will publish each transition as it is formalized, along with examples and real-world data from our collaborating cities on a wiki-style platform to encourage scientific discussion and collaboration around each model. As a result, each Transition Target will describe the model and parameters, and serve as a foundation for sharing real-world information.

Our ODI will be published at, and will serve as the starting point for collaboration within -and across - various corporate, scientific, and political communities, as we grow a collection of generally-accepted best practices for those cities using Transition Targets to combat climate change.

With the public release of Transition Targets, we hope to empower more effective climate planning. But our work won’t stop there. Transition Targets will operate as an ongoing platform that will evolve over time as new data, insights, and best practices emerge from the collective efforts of dedicated people, organizations, and cities from around the world.