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Case study: Tyresö

Karolina Eklöw Fri, 16 September 2022

A Swedish archipelago town has become the embodiment of climate planning done right. 

In early 2021, the Tyresö Municipality started to update its 2030 Climate Action Plan. Their goals are: 

  • By 2025, the municipal vehicles and transport will be fossil-free. 
  • By 2030, the city will reach net zero based on the territorial emissions in the municipality’s geographical area. 

To do this, Tyresö used ClimateOS. And despite limited resources, the city took advantage of all aspects of a digital climate plan: the integration, the transparency and the visualization. 

In 18 months, the Municipality of Tyresö has:

✓  Established a cross-sectoral working group 

✓  Digitalized their Climate Action Plan 100%

✓  Spent 6 months on perfecting local data

✓  Published their plan externally

✓  Involved citizens 

Today they are able to spend less time on administration, and more time on implementing ambitious climate action, building strong relationships and ultimately a more inclusive city. 

All this coordinated by the one-and-a-half-person Sustainability Team. How did they succeed where other cities did not?


Full case study - in German, French, Spanish, English: