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We raised €10m in Series A Funding to help cities find the most cost-effective decarbonisation pathway

Einar Bodström Wed, 29 September 2021

It started in 2018 with a 4 meter-long poster presented to the Swedish Climate Policy Council (SCPC). Since then, we’ve worked with the SCPC to co-create the Swedish roadmap, Panorama, which later became championed by the Swedish Government. In just over a year, we’ve grown from just 10 people to a team of over 50 people, all working remotely and across two continents. And in March 2021, after 3 years of R&D, we were able to launch the world’s first integrated Climate Operating System, now used in 35+ cities, across 6 countries. 

Today, we’re proud to announce our latest €10M Series A funding round, co-led by CommerzVentures and NordicNinja, with investments from  2050., Norrsken and Gaingels

Reflecting on the funding round, Einar Bodström, Chief Growth Officer at ClimateView, who drove investor relations explains: “We were fortunate to find investors who look at the world the same way we do, both valuing the enormous size of this financial opportunity, and recognizing what it means to be first movers in this space. With this round, we’ve also been able to build a syndicate that comes with a plethora of qualities and bring together investors that are cause-driven, software oriented, and who operate in the banking space. They’re part of the ClimateView story and how we envision the future of climate action”. 


What’s next? 


The latest IPCC report release, extreme weather events, and COP26 on the horizon are only reinforcing our mission to help cities define and execute credible and robust plans to decarbonise. 

Cities make up 70% of the world’s global emissions and are both part of the problem and the solution. But cities lack coherent insights, directions and ways of working with complexity. They are tasked with performing large transitions and transformations, but struggle to access adequate funding. 

We will be putting the investment to work immediately towards product development, to help the increasing number of cities with net-zero commitments identify the most cost effective route to decarbonise their economies and to empower them to make the economic case for their plans. This will be done by helping cities target and design policies to address financial viability and behaviour, by adding socio-economic costs and co-benefits into the modelling of city systems. 

Tomer Shalit, ClimateView founder and Chief Product Officer, said: “Cities have to cut carbon fast, but it’s hard to plan how to meet their commitments while maintaining a thriving economy. ClimateOS makes the challenge of decarbonisation manageable, enabling cities to identify their best route to net zero, make the right investments, and manage a successful transition in one living climate action plan.”

Cities work best as networks, and have so much to share. Our model is created in such a way that the more the user base scales, the sharper the data and assumptions become. As a result, market expansion will also be a major focus following this funding round.


Thank you 

We are so grateful to our new and “old” investors. Thank you for empowering us to help solve the major challenge of our times. Thank you for believing wholeheartedly in our strategy to target local, regional and national governments, a strategy that some refer to as “unorthodox”.  It has given us the opportunity   to create a software platform that I think could set a new standard of what a gov-tech platform can be. 

From the start, ClimateView has been about co-creation. We started by working hand-in-hand with the Swedish Climate Policy Council to create a tool that worked for them. And we have, and will continue to do so with all the cities that share our vision. We are also immensely grateful to our first customers for believing in us and helping us make ClimateOS better everyday. 


Access the press release here