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Climate Action Planning

Decision-making made easy

Deliver an easy-to-understand, shared, and data-driven climate action plan that attracts high-impact funding.


Identify the gaps

Understand where your targets, strategy and actions do and don’t add up and improve your plan.


Improve iteratively

Bye bye 5 year planning cycles. With a digital platform for climate planning, you can easily update data, strategy and actions to adjust your plan as things change.

See the connections

Understand how your decisions impact other sectors and resource needs with the most powerful systemic analysis engine on the market.


Collaborate on everything

Work together to manage data, build scenarios, design and manage actions with stakeholders inside and outside of the city organization.

“ClimateOS allows us to continue to develop and monitor the plan effectively thus helping stakeholders make the bold decisions required to close the gap."

Bryan Harris, Sustainability and Climate Change Manager
Dundee City Council
shape Dundee, Scotland

Designing Dundee’s path to net zero

Get more done

Digitalize your climate planning

How it works



Understand the challenge

Establish your baseline, set targets and align with the Paris Agreement.

City Inventory

Find opportunities

Perform systemic scenario simulations to understand pathways, accounting for interdependencies, energy requirements and the economic impacts of various transitions.

Define Pathway

Take action

Design a portfolio of policies and infrastructure investments, with the ability to measure impact and track progress.


Built with Transition Elements™️



Transform planning into progress with modular building blocks


Model and analyze 100+ transition sectors with actionable targets and leading indicators


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Join the growing community of cities digitalizing climate planning with ClimateOS