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Climate Investment Planning

Make your plan fundable

Provide city treasury, financial institutions and investors with the analysis they need to finance or fund the plan.


Calculate the costs and co-benefits

Understand the wider impacts of transitions and include impact externalities in your investment case.


Bundle actions to increase deal size

Design policy portfolios that improve the efficacy of investments by bundling actions into an investment case.

Track & report KPIs 

Build your investment case with built-in leading impact indicators that make issuing, monitoring and reporting progress easy.


Engage and act equitably

Attribute costs and impacts to stakeholders and improve your ability to build support for a more equitable transition.

"We need to create a Climate Investment Plan. That’s a huge task and ClimateOS makes it possible.”

Niklas Bäckström
Controller, City of Helsingborg
shape Helsingborg, Sweden

How Helsingborg is creating the first Climate Investment Plan

Unlock climate finance

Start building your Climate Investment Plan

How it works



Evaluate feasibility with economic scenarios

Interactive economic projections for planned transitions allow you to evaluate mitigation options more thoroughly and improve your climate strategy.


Establish investment needs

Identify the actions requiring investment and bundle them with other initiatives targeting the same transition. 


Build the investment plan

Your Climate Investment Plan combines your economic scenarios and project costs, providing a robust investment case to provide stakeholders.


Built with Transition Elements™️



Flexible tools to comply with stringent requirements:

  • Financial instrument agnostic
  • Aligns with EU Mission template
  • Compatible with leading frameworks
  • Scalable across sub-sectors


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