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Manage the transition

Act with accountability

ClimateOS gives your city a simpler way to track and adjust plans by integrating data, strategy, actions and visualizations into a single integrated platform.

ClimateOS Manage the transition

One source of truth

Update everything simply and easily with an integrated platform for data, analytics and visualization.


Improve iteratively

Bye bye 5 year planning cycles. With a digital platform for climate planning, you can simply update data, strategy and actions to adjust your plan as things change.

Transition transparently

Lead with transparency. Communicate targets, actions and progress in one interactive turnkey plan visualization.


Include stakeholders everywhere

All parts of ClimateOS are built for collaboration ensuring you can include more stakeholders throughout more of the process.

“We have no PDFs, no spreadsheets, just ClimateOS as our single source of truth for our climate action plan”

Felix Ockborn
Sustainability Strategist at the Office of Public Works, Municipality of Tyresö
shape Tyresö, Sweden

Managing a fully digital climate plan

Improve as your execute

Manage the transition in one platform

How it works



Tell your story

Communicate the ins and outs of the transition to get everyone on the same page.


Track progress

Monitor and show progress on how activities are changing with leading indicators.



Simplify compliance reporting with easy inventory exports for CDP Questionnaires.


Built with Transition Elements™️



Shorten reporting cycles with leading indicators


Don't wait for two years to see how your plan is progressing. With Transition Elements, your plan builds on activity data that are leading indicators for change.


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Keep your finger on the pulse

Join the growing community of cities managing the transition with ClimateOS