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Innovative cities use ClimateOS to reveal the optimised pathway, make the economic case and manage their transition to a zero carbon economy.

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Manage the climate transition

ClimateOS answers the burning questions preventing progress for climate teams, policy-makers and advocacy groups.

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Case Study

What can Helsingborg teach us about climate progress?

Four time ‘Sweden’s Most Environmentally friendly city’ winner shares its secrets.

About Us

ClimateView is a Swedish climate action technology company that helps cities transform climate planning into progress. We combine data, agent-based modelling and interface design to help cities successfully manage the transition to zero carbon economies.

Tomer Shalit on technology, the environment and democracy at the Forum Talk organized by the Council of Europe

Wed, 18 August 2021

Climate contracts, collaborative learning and holistic planning: Helsingborg’s path to zero

Mon, 05 July 2021

Challenges and opportunities in reclaiming control of net-zero

Fri, 02 July 2021

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