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A new standard for climate roadmaps

ClimateView was created to accelerate the transition to a fossil free world. It allows nations, cities and organisations visualize their climate roadmaps and turn them into action.
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Turning piles of data into a panoramic climate roadmap.


Using key indicators to track stagnation and progress.


Triggering an agile workflow among all stakeholders.


Strengthening climate transparency with open data.

Policy + Tech

Drivers of change sharing the same roadmap.

Let’s do this.

Dissolving climate paralysis to drive tangible action.

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Mar 15, 2019
|  By
Swedish Climate Panorama to be released
Mar 12, 2019
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MapLauncher becomes ClimateView
Feb 22, 2019
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MapLauncher at Founders of Tomorrow 2019
Dec 17, 2018
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Moving Masses theme day at COP24

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