The Swedish case

On the first day of 2018, Sweden introduced a new climate law stating that the country should be at net-zero fossil emissions by 2045. Six months later, the Swedish Climate Policy Council commenced a pilot to determine whether it’s possible to create a new arena for organisation and collaboration amongst and between Swedish governmental agencies, cities, regions, businesses and citizens.

Released June 2019, Panorama – powered by ClimateView – is the world’s most comprehensive view of a country’s climate transition.

Panorama Process 2019

The software platform chosen for this pilot was ClimateView. Reason being: it was created to serve this very purpose.

The council’s project was named the Swedish Panorama. An editorial group within government organisations was set up to populate the tool with emissions data, solution potentials, indicators and actions. Essentially, they formed Sweden’s dashboard of the nation’s path towards a carbon-neutral future.

The ClimateView process enables a dynamically updated view of all data on a monthly basis

Panorama (Swe)

Moderated by The Swedish
Climate Policy Council

Panorama (Eng)

Translation by ClimateView

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