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Beauty + Brains

Come together in the first Living Climate Action Plan: the ClimateBoard®

It all begins with “we do”.

Whether your city has hired consultants, declared a climate emergency, struggled with GHG inventorying, and/or completed a carbon budget—you may be ready to start the journey toward GHG abatement by adding ClimateView®.

The fundamental building block: Transition Targets®

We boiled the entire set of “enablers” one can leverage to drive carbon mitigation into over 95 “shifts”—like switching from petrol to clean electric cars—so you can see the entire series of interrelated related effects that happen across the other areas of your city’s carbon Transitionscape.™ And because our data structure is based on standards including the GHG Protocol, third-party reporting (such as to the Covenant of Mayors and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)) are easier than ever.

Going beyond spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets flatten data; ClimateView expands it. Citizens deserve to see—in the present moment—the effects that are truly achievable across different sectors of their Transitionscape. And yes, the calculations—based on vetted assumptions and with the laws of physics—are happening behind the scenes to ensure verifiable, repeatable results. But not to worry: you can bring your favorite spreadsheets into (and out of) ClimateView at any time.

It’s all about supply and demand.

International agencies told us why (and by when) we need to accomplish this massive transformation—but no one told us how. As the world seeks minimal disruption to productivity—and recapture effects can only take us so far—the remaining abatement options are simple: we can change our energy supplies or we can change our energy demands.

Learn more about the Carbon Causal Chain

Finding the optimal path is a balancing act.

We deliver a blueprint—through our interactive ClimateBoard™—that identifies the weightiest targets, reveals how they interoperate, and even suggests actions to help make the necessary shifts possible.* By shifting the Transition Targets—and mapping real-world “actions” against them—now you can see whether a local tax incentive is likely to make a significant dent in your net carbon output (and what other actions you need to drive, too).

a beautiful view.

Once we provide your blueprint, you’ve made your adjustments, and have reviewed the actions necessary to accomplish the Transition Target shifts, you’re ready to publish your ClimateBoard. Your city will receive its own mini-site that is linkable, shareable, and most importantly—dynamic. The view is broad—yet drills down to provide intricate detail—so you can see the entire landscape of actions and effects in their full context. And we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Visit the Panorama project to view how Sweden, as a nation, is using ClimateView to put carbon neutrality on their agenda.

Part software. Part methodology.  
All evidence.

Part software. Part methodology. All evidence.