English demo version

This is a demo version of the Swedish Panorama. The purpose of this translation is to show the functionality of the tool, hence this is not an official release from the Swedish Climate Policy Council.

About Panorama

Panorama is enabled by ClimateView and moderated by the Swedish Climate Policy Council in collaboration with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Energy Agency.


  • The translation has been made for demo purposes only, it will contain language and content errors of different kinds, big and small.
  • The demo version is a snapshot of Panorama made 10.18 am, june 10, 2019. The official Panorama - currently only available in Swedish - is continuously updated, this demo version will not.
  • Official translations in English, Spanish, German and French are currently under development. Future releases of ClimateView will offer translation functionalities within the tool. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified when these translations are available.

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