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Digitalizing climate planning:

Towards new, dynamic ways-of-working for city climate action

  • What is the future of climate work?
  • How do we progress rapidly towards carbon neutrality?

This guide highlights the increasing importance of using digital tools for dynamic, evidence-based and impactful climate action planning. 

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The benefits of digitalization for your climate planning organization


“The wholesale decarbonisation of a city is something that’s never been done before and the challenge is absolutely enormous. The ClimateOS platform has been very helpful in setting the framework for local action planning and quantifying the carbon abatement from the actions that are proposed."

Tim Rippon, Senior Climate Change Advisor
Newcastle City Council, UK


"Since we’ve fully integrated our plan with the ClimateOS platform, stakeholders are able to interact with it, try out different scenarios and learn how actions, targets and strategies all fit together. It is opening up the way for meaningful participation in the future development of the plan and in ensuring it is a dynamic, working strategy."

Naomi Clarke, Senior Sustainability and Climate Change Officer
Dundee City Council, Scotland


“If we notice in 2023 that a transition target has been missed by a large margin, then we will have to implement more measures behind this goal. On the other hand, if we recognise areas where transition target measures seem to be particularly effective, we could set higher targets. The digital twin is a monitoring tool to enable this.”

Dominik Stroh, Project Manager, Climate Protection Monitoring
Mannheim, Germany

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