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EU Mission
100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities

One solution for your Climate City Contract (CCC)

ClimateOS is the leading collaborative decision-making platform for cities to plan, simulate and finance their transition. It uniquely enables you to deliver on the 3 pillars of the EU Mission.




CCC Core Contract

Co-create a vision, set a city-wide strategy and allocate specific responbilities with ClimateOS.



2030 Action Plan

Use ClimateOS to create an evidence-based, coordinated and exhaustive portfolio of interventions.



2030 Investments Plan

Assess, plan and mobilise funding using the impact intelligence in ClimateOS.

Innovation requires system-wide, dynamically updated tools.

ClimateOS is the only integrated end-to-end platform for net zero decision making.


Supercharge your team’s capacity

"The ClimateOS activity based model helps us pinpoint the right people to talk to within the municipality and within municipal companies in order organize workshops and work out together what actions we need to put in place to reach our overall goal."


Mission City: Umeå
Annika Myrén, Development Strategist

"ClimateOS gives us a clear picture of where our emissions come from and the shifts we can make to reduce them. The unique benefit of the technology, for us, is that it intelligently links data from numerous activities so we can create a holistic, citywide plan of action.”


Mission City: Mannheim
Dominik Stroh, Climate Policy Project Manager

"For the first time, everyone gets a clear picture of where we are going, and what exactly is left to tackle. We get to show the impact of our proposed solutions on carbon abatement, which is a great basis for discussion with the industry to see how their planned measures complement the city’s.”


Mission City: Helsingborg
Elin Sundqvist, Climate Strategist

"While climate action plans are necessary, they can often be inflexible. We see the main potential for ClimateOS as to be allowing us to evaluate the impact, find what’s working or is not working and adapt our plans accordingly. With the platform, actions can be integrated on a continuous basis, allowing us to keep track of our progress in the coming years and make changes based on new data, new ideas and evaluation of current actions.”


Mission City: Dortmund
Dirk von Bracht, Climate Protection Manager

"What’s important is to create a really good wheel, as opposed to a static framework, in order to make the transition faster for everyone.”


Mission City: Malmö
Trevor Graham, Senior Climate Advisor

Imagine adding a scientist, an engineer and a communicator to your team. At a fraction of the cost.

That's ClimateOS.

Mission possible

ClimateOS EU 100 Cities Mission

Create a shared vision and the evidence-based strategy to deliver it

ClimateOS enables you to broadly identify the sectors and sub-sectors to tackle, collaboratively set targets at the operational level, and enable everyone to share responsibility for the transition.

Use ClimateOS to bring all stakeholders to the decision-making table and create verifiable commitments.


Build your CCC Core Contract

  • Flexible emissions boundaries with Transition Elements
  • Sustainable pathway development tools
  • Collaborative scenarios with Target Balancing
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Define Pathway

Build a robust set of actions and the confidence to reach your ambition

Execute your pathway from the CCC Core Contract with the integrated toolkits in ClimateOS. Build your baseline, create a portfolio of actions and automatically visualise your Climate Action in an interactive plan website.

The activity-based approach in ClimateOS connects emissions to actions to ensure a coordinated, gap-aware portfolio of interventions.


Create your 2030 Action Plan

  • Online activity-based city data inventory management
  • Interactive pathways complete with timeline, KPIs and progress monitoring
  • Gap awareness with action editor
  • Turnkey best-in-class plan visualisation website
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Action Editor

Deploy a solid funding strategy with a holistic business case

Unlock financing for climate mitigation projects by presenting a holistic business case that reports on the cost and co-benefit effects of emissions reduction strategies.

Built on a robust set of KPIs, ClimateOS allows cities and financiers to understand and track the full impact of investment decisions.


Create your 2030 Investments Plan

  • Strategy visualisation with cost & co-benefit scenario analysis
  • Holistic business case presentation with Investment KPIs for issuance & tracking
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ClimateOS Economic Modelling NPV

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