ClimateOS Features

An integrated toolset for successful transitions on your climate journey


From activity mapping to pathway discovery. Work iteratively with stakeholders to define your balanced low-carbon transition.  


From programme creation to community support. Use dynamic tools to engage and empower your community on your climate journey.


From launching to reporting. Ensure the successful delivery of your climate agenda with iterative and dynamic data and reporting.


Transition Targets

A Transition Target is a interconnected building block that points to an activity to be shifted in your city — from a high carbon state to a low carbon state while still satisfying the same need. For example shifting from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric cars, cycling and public transport. 

Each Transition Target is based on a strict mathematical model, making it possible to calculate the carbon abatement, energy shifts, primary indicators and driver measurements as well as strategies and actions.

  • Interconnected calculations
  • Instant scenario experimentation

The ClimateBoard

The ultimate visualisation tool for a multi-faceted problem like climate change. Crystal-clear, dynamic, and interactive, the ClimateBoard showcases your Living Climate Action Plan transparently to stakeholders, the public and the world alike. The result? Collaboration, collective learning and increased support. 

  • Collaborate easily using the universal blueprint
  • Fast-track to decision-making

All the features of ClimateOS

Activity Mapping

Rapidly understand the link between your city’s activities and associated emissions and zero in on your priorities.

  • Build and refine a bottom-up energy and work model of your city’s activities that you want to shift to a lower-carbon state by a target year
  • Transition Targets library with 100s of pre-calculated Campaigns for activity shifts that are plug-and-play in the ClimateBoard to resemble what you want your Transition to address 
  • Pre-populated, fully-referenced and frequently updated city activity data that fill in the gaps you have
  • Easy to use parameters interface to allow easy updating and personalising of your ClimateBoard with new local data, creating more accurate models and inventories.
  • Save time and money while getting a full picture of your priorities, with automatic inventories for the city and by sector from your activities
  • Map out the impacts of your current goals across a range of Transition Targets and incorporate cumulative emissions budgeting to create your current and needed trajectories

Pathway Discovery

Shape and optimize your pathway to net-zero 

  • Analyse whether your city is doing enough to reach its overall transition goal, comparing current and planned targets with your trajectory and emissions budget
    Make informed decisions about the best the best bundle of Transitions for your city by calculating and comparing the predicted effects of different Transition Targets on your emissions trajectory
  • Dynamic Target Balancing functionality designed to support co-created balanced transitions, sector by sector, as you incorporate social and economic considerations and constraints into your emissions reduction
  • Set custom trajectories for each Transition Target and understand emissions reduction in terms of units of operation to inform your programme design and delivery

Action Lab

Create a programme full of endeavours and implementations to deliver the balanced Transition pathway you have created

  • Analyse whether your current actions are sufficient to deliver your newly created Transition pathway

  • Create a link between qualitative implementations and quantitative outcomes through adding combinations of strategic and practical actions to each Transition Target using a SMART and visual approach

  • Facilitate stakeholder collaboration and gain programme support for your selected Implementations by showcasing clearly and visually, the link between Implementations and emissions trajectory.

  • Designed to support face-to-face and online workshops for selecting, co-creating and refining implementations.
  • Assess whether the sum of chosen implemenations help you reach the city’s climate goal, and if necessary, adjust the balance of your Transition once more as the plan stays live to your context.
  • Coming soon: get started with your plan from scratch with a pool of Implementations out of the box that can be connected to Transitions and edited to reflect your city’s situation

Managing & Monitoring Progress

Examine the evolution of each transition

  • Connection to data sources for a more insightful, up-to-date and automated monitoring of the delivery for the transition.

  • Develop and track indicators to better understand progress

  • Swim-lane project management system for monitoring the delivery of implementations

  • Diagrams to help visualise predicted carbon abatement vs. the intended outcome of the Transition

  • Enter historical data, calculate your Transitions’ course deviation and adjust to get back on track in your next planning cycle

  • Assess the Plan’s viability through continuous monitoring and revision

  • Support internal and external annual and interim reports on your Living Climate Action Plan

  • Automatically create reports that match mandatory carbon disclosure frameworks

Costs and (Co-)Benefits

Coming Soon

Build and secure the case for action through  detailing the positive aspects and costs  of your transition

  • Rigorous analysis of cost of action and inaction and associated transition benefits.

  • Create a business case for a certain implementation or transition, by aligning with core city priorities such as employment, health, and liveability

  • Discover the cost of action and inaction and leverage funds for the transition

  • Utilise ROI and CBA approaches, building on the data within the ClimateBoard

Climate Board Drilldown

Present your Living Climate Action Plan and involve stakeholders and the public with the Transition

  • Easy to create, visual dashboard leveraging your work in the ClimateBoard, your chosen Transition Targets, and accompanied by images and high quality graphics.

  • Self-explanatory, interactive, and easy to navigate visual dashboard for the public and stakeholders alike, hosted on its own web-page.

  • Provide continuous updates on your transition, thereby enhancing your transparency and accountability.

  • Foster public dialogue, consultation and collaboration, increasing carbon literacy and programme support.

  • Share and facilitate decision making by delivering your plan in an easy-to-understand format.

  • Snapshot and export your plan at a certain point in time.

Knowledge Base and Academy

Learn together with innovative climate cities from around the world

  • Extensive and applied Knowledge Base built around user needs for a Living Climate Action Plan
  • Mixed media approach that is constantly being updated and extended to ensure users can be independent
  • Community of users to help facilitate knowledge sharing and build relationships
  • Workshops to support onboarding and unlocking progress through our toolkits
  • Support system and Success team dedicated to ensuring user progressing Climate Goals

  • Coming soon - elearning, seminars and training

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