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Build your own situation room

ClimateView is all about making complex problem solving manageable. The tool is easy to use, and our expert team will help you get up and running within a few weeks.

What does the dashboard show?

What does the dashboard show?

Let’s look at it, visualising data, seeing solutions and following trends. You see the big picture, the macro and can instantly move to micro, back to macro etc

Red: Emissions

Green: Reductions of emissions

Graphs: Indicators showing the progression of the reductions

Yellow notes: Solutions and policies that have been implemented or suggested

Where does the data come from?

The situation room is set up using public data from local, national and international sources. It turns roadmaps into concrete goals that are easy to track. The tool transforms data spreadsheets into a visual interface and vision into action.

Databases ClimateView connects to relevant data sources, simplifying updates

Excel sheets The format most widely used by climate professionals. ClimateView transforms these sheets into a visual interface

Hierarchy Data is sorted into an intuitive hierarchical structure that makes it possible for all to navigate. It is also GHG-Protocol compliant

Data management Handling and updating complex data sets becomes drastically more efficient

Where does the data come from?
Who is ClimateView for?

Who is ClimateView for?

ClimateView today has four different user categories with one thing in common: a real ambition to reduce carbon emissions.

Cities and regions



Citizen initiatives

Network effect

Every new state or city that joins ClimateView benefits from existing data, indicators and insights that have been aggregated by other states and cities in the network. Best practices and new ways of working are rapidly shared in the ClimateView network.

Want to learn more?

ClimateView builds web-based situation rooms that help governments, businesses and citizens work better and faster together to achieve carbon neutrality. Contact us to see how your situation room can be up and running.

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