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Setting up your ClimateView

ClimateView is all about inspiring and empowering cities. The tool is easy to use, and our user team will help you get up and running.

What does the dashboard show?

What does the dashboard show?

It shows emissions, solutions, trends and actions - all in one place. You can easily navigate deep hierarchies, between the big picture and granular details.

Red: Emissions

Green: Solutions and their potential to reduce emissions

Graphs: Indicators showing the real-time performance of each solution

Yellow notes: Suggested, approved and completed actions expected to increase performance

Where does the data come from?

Your ClimateView is set up using public data from local, national and international sources. It turns roadmaps into concrete goals that can be tracked. Data that would otherwise be scattered across spreadsheets, texts and presentations is shown in one view.

Excel sheets The format most widely used to gather emissions data. The ClimateView tool turns your existing data into an intuitive visual interface.

Hierarchy Data is sorted into an intuitive hierarchical structure that makes it possible for all to navigate. GHG-Protocol compliant.

Data management Handling and updating complex data sets becomes drastically more efficient.

Where does the data come from?
Who is ClimateView for?

Who is ClimateView for?

ClimateView focuses on cities and urban areas that have one thing in common: a real ambition to reduce carbon emissions by working together in new ways.
Cities are key to accelerate the global transition, not only because they consume ⅔ of the world's energy and create around 70% of global CO2 emissions.
Their actions on a local level generate a huge impact on a global scale.

Cities and regions



Citizen initiatives

Network effect

Every new city that joins ClimateView benefits from existing data, indicators and insights that have been aggregated by other cities, municipalities and regions. Best practices and new ways of working are rapidly shared in the ClimateView network.

Replacing roadmaps and reports

Reports have become the standard format when communicating city climate plans and actions. These reports are expensive and time-consuming to create, also static and linear by nature and difficult to overview and update.

ClimateView is a climate planning tool, replacing the role of report in daily work. It adds structure, clarity and transparency to a complex process with many stakeholders. It makes data actionable, saves time and reduces costs.

Contact us

Tell us more about your climate transition. We will then look into the data availability in your area and get back to you with ideas on how we can help transform your climate goal into transition targets.

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