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Solving Climate Together

ClimateView is a software tool that helps cities reach their climate goals

C40 Cities and the GHG Protocol defines 6 steps for successful climate transitions. ClimateView supports cities throughout every step.

Establish baseline

Assemble data of the city’s current emissions, climate initiatives and climate targets.

Your city probably already has a climate policy in place with goals and ambitions stated. By organising all available public data ClimateView helps to create a complete picture of the current situation. With all stakeholders sharing that same clear picture, it becomes the fundament for the 6-step transition process.


Set targets

Breaking down your city’s climate goal into transition targets.

  • Drive action by dividing the climate goal into specific transition targets.

  • Get access to 79 ready developed targets such as transport modal shift, electrification, behavioural change and other leading indicators for CO2 impact.

  • Set these targets jointly and create engagement among all stakeholders, including political support.


“City carbon targets/budgets should be aligned with the global carbon budget. [... ] Average emissions across C40 cities should reach 2.9 t CO2 per capita by 2030”

– C40 Cities Climate Action Planning Framework


Prioritize to set an optimal timeline for your city’s transition.

  • Prioritize by focusing on high-impact-fast (“Low hanging fruit”).

  • At the same time make sure you get the ball rolling on longer term investments.

  • Get access to best practice of other frontrunner cities, which helps you to set an optimal time-line for actions and investments in your city.


“Cities should set out a methodology for prioritising actions which will ensure that the highest-impact mitigation and adaptation actions are delivered first.”

– C40 Cities Climate Action Planning Framework

Communicate & engage

Citizen support is key for climate action in your city.

  • Make your city’s transition accessible for everyone.

  • Provide a transparent, constantly updated and fact-trusted centerpoint for the transition.

  • Create the fundament for broad engagement among citizens and politicians. 


“Cities need to identify and engage stakeholders and particularly hard-to-reach groups so that they can understand and address the root causes and drivers of disproportionate climate risk – and consider how the climate action process can be made more inclusive.”

– C40 Playbook for Inclusive Community Engagement


Bringing the projects from planning to execution - making real difference

  • Go from high-level plans to concrete projects by using robust processes.

  • Highlight progress and obstacles and realign stakeholders.

  • Find alternative pathways to go forward.


“The potential challenges and risks involved in delivering actions should be identified early in the process.”

– C40 Cities Climate Action Planning Framework

Validate and report

Refine your city’s transition plan over time

  • Climate transitions are too complex for static plans – they need to be refined constantly. 

  • Use the set of 79 leading indicators  to shorten feedback loops.

  • Make learning and improving a central part of your city’s transition.


“Mitigation goal design and accounting should be seen as an iterative process that establishes and tracks progress toward a series of goals that phase out emissions over time.”

– GHG Mitigation Goal Standard

“Climate change decision-making is not a once-and-for-all event, but an iterative risk-management process that is likely to take place over decades, where there will be opportunities for learning and mid-course corrections in the light of new information”

– Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

“Monitoring against set milestones and key performance indicators will help to highlight any challenges that may have direct and indirect impacts on the delivery of related actions. This will enable the city to address challenges (e.g. seek additional resources) and to update the delivery timeline.”

– 3.5.1 Monitoring implementation, C40 City framework.

Want to accelerate your city climate transition?

We help cities, municipalities and entire countries to plan, visualize and work together to achieve net-zero CO2. 
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