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Transforming climate goals into operational targets

ClimateView enables efficient planning and execution toward climate goals. We transform climate goals into Transition targets that give you a clear view of the changes needed to reach your overall climate goals.

Breaking down the overall goal

A city’s climate transition is in fact many different transitions across all sectors, each one representing a shift from a high carbon to a low carbon state.

Reaching a high-level climate goal requires clear and measurable targets for each such shift. These targets need to add up, and need to be equally bold as the overall climate goal.

“To deliver the Paris Agreement, climate action planning needs to shift to new levels of ambition, driving rapid and systemic change on the ground.”
– C40 Climate Action Planning Network
illustration of bold goals

Clear and 
measurable targets

ClimateView’s Transition Targets are designed to help cities and regions in their planning to achieve their emission reduction goals. Generated from open data and local parameters, the targets suggested will add up to the overall goal. This gives all stakeholders a clear view of the changes needed to reach the city’s final climate goal.

“Long-term commitment to delivering the plan should be demonstrated through a process of setting key performance indicators, ongoing monitoring, impact evaluation and progress reporting.”
– C40 Climate Action Planning Network

Making sure the actions add up

A clear target gives a better understanding of the potential impact of different policies and actions. To make sure that the city is doing enough to reach the overall climate goal, it is essential to also be able to see what is being done to meet individual targets.

illustration of bold goals

Monitoring leads 
to impact

The true purpose of monitoring is to learn and adapt. ClimateView’s transition targets are leading indicators (in business known as KPIs) that provide actionable insights into a city’s performance toward the final goal. Monitoring individual targets unlocks data that is otherwise difficult to overview and analyse.

A common language for climate action

ClimateView’s structure enables knowledge sharing between cities and a new type of operational learning. Targets and actions are directly comparable and easy to access. The underlying data model is based on the Transition Targets open data initiative.

illustration of bold goals

Simplified climate reporting

ClimateView’s data structure is based on leading standards including the GHG Protocol. This simplifies third-party reporting, such as to the Covenant of Mayors and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

“Cities globally are now able to report data in a standardized fashion and showcase achievements while unambiguously tracking progress.”
– Global Covenant of Mayors

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