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Forbes on how ClimateView and Entrepreneurs Can Make a Net-Zero Difference

Manon Morel Wed, 03 November 2021

In a recent Forbes article titled “Take your partners: The climate tech sector is growing but can entrepreneurs really make a net-zero difference?”, Trevor Clawson questions the role of entrepreneurs and innovation in the climate transition, especially in light of COP26, where it seems that the fate of the transition lies firmly in the hands of public servants and officials. 

Clawson points out:  “[ClimateView] has gone some way to proving that innovative tech-driven solutions can play a significant part in moving us towards a net-zero world. But crucially, Climate Tech has done that by working with bodies that are capable of implementing policy on a large scale."  

In short, it is all a question of whom entrepreneurs choose as allies and partners, and whether they involve the right people, a theme central to ClimateView’s philosophy of co-creation ever since our inception, with our partnership with the Swedish Climate Policy Council and Panorama, and which continues with cities today. 

Read the full article here.