open Platform

To enable collective intelligence on a global scale is ClimateView’s mission. It is a path defined by openness and transparency.

The open platform

We need to share knowledge and experience on a scale never seen before: to rapidly build collective intelligence, to tackle climate breakdown, to safeguard humanity. For this to happen, the platform on which this collective intelligence is enabled needs to be open for all. It must be a place where data, solutions and methods are free to use and shared by everyone.  

The idea of an open platform is the basis on which ClimateView was founded. A platform to connect cities, nations and organisations. A space to view, share and compare data, roadmaps and solutions – building a community for a growing collective intelligence.

Open, meaningful data

Data is useless if it isn’t comprehensible and comparable. ClimateView offers a common data framework for how to structure data, how to define indicators, and how to connect policies and solutions to attainable impact. The outcome is roadmap data that is harmonised so that nations, regions and cities can work side by side – and so that citizens can see and compare progress.

Your contribution

When you use our open platform, you are part of interconnecting the world’s knowledge – enabling the collective intelligence needed to overcome this enormous challenge.

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