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How it works

ClimateView Dashboard gives a clear overview of the paths towards CO2 reduction. It minimises confusion and wishful thinking. Instead, it creates a solid, empirical foundation for decision- and policy-making.

ClimateView Dashboard is built from 6 hierarchies:

1. Emissions per sector

Actual emissions of CO2, hierarchically broken down per sector.

2. Solution potentials per sector

Hierarchy of solution potential for CO2 abatement.

3. Leading indicators (KPIs)

The dashboard helps you break the transition down to a number of leading indicators, per sector. It ensures the progress can be followed in numbers that we can act – and react – upon. The indicators are coupled to the assumed potential for CO2 abatement, showing whether or not we are following the path that has been defined.

4. Planned and taken actions and policies

Shows the policies and actions in place to reach the solution potentials. Signals their state on the governance pipeline, from proposed to decided.

5. Suggested policies

NGOs, corporations or any organisation can submit reviews on the actions and policies in the hierarchy, and they can also be invited to make policy suggestions on their own behalves.

6. Technology suggestions

Technological solutions, as suggestions, in the same dashboard – to put them in the same context as policy suggestions.

Unlocking agility through adaptive planning

The key to adaptive planning is to have a continuously updated view with the known facts (emissions, policies and actual outcomes) tightly coupled with, but separated from, assumptions on how to move forward. By continuously updating data and progress, we can evaluate and adapt our work – decentralised on every level – without losing sight of the greater picture.