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Training and certification

To become a certified ClimateView editor, you need an increased awareness of your own agility, and you need competency in aligning and empowering organisational agility. Our 2-day training workshop is designed to equip you with these.

The group training workshop (1-3 days) is a pragmatic application of theory. It provides concrete models, tools and techniques for leaders to employ directly in their own thinking and within their organisations. It also provides resources for navigating solutions and handling data.

ClimateView Editor Certification: 2 days

As a certified ClimateView editor, you will have the ability to coach an editorial board in how to build and keep a ClimateView dashboard updated using an agile approach. The certification is awarded on attending a 2-day training workshop conducted by certified ClimateView coaches.

ClimateView Group Training: 1-3 days

This training will support you in constructing your ClimateView dashboard and keeping it up to date. It shares guidelines for weighing solution assumptions, for finding suitable KPIs and for navigating potentials hierarchies. You will also learn how to avoid double counting, how to collect and collate suitable open data, and how to "fill in the blanks" when sufficient data isn’t immediately available.

Applications & Enquiries

An application should consist of:

  • A short description of how the state, city or organisation you represent will use ClimateView.
  • Your CV and a short bio of you.

Send applications and/or enquiries to

Scheduled training sessions

Preliminary dates for ClimateView training listed below, subject to change. If you are interested in to one of the scheduled sessions, please send your contact details to

  • Aug 29–30 Berlin
  • Sep 11–12 London
  • Oct 2–3 Paris
  • Oct 16–17 New York