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Innovative cities use ClimateOS to build zero carbon economies

Plan, simulate and execute your successful climate transition.


decision making

Deliver an easy to understand, co-created and data-driven climate plan that attracts funding & financing.

  • Develop climate strategy
  • Engage and align stakeholders
  • Manage ongoing delivery

Cities need a new platform for climate planning

"Accelerating city climate action requires engaging decision-makers across city government, building staff capacity to drive projects, and taking collaborative climate action at a metropolitan scale."


Report: Accelerating Climate Action In Cities
Bloomberg Associates

"To measure progress and plan and design policy…we will need a framework that captures the complexity of these shifts and reveals sufficiently in-depth information."


Report: Measuring Progress Towards Climate Neutrality
European Climate Foundation

The collaborative decision-making platform

The ClimateOS platform answers the burning questions preventing progress for climate teams, policy-makers and advocacy groups.

ClimateOS Explained-01
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  • Where are we?

    Understand Emissions

    Operationalize your city data, manage your Emissions Inventory & calculate your Carbon Budget.

  • Where are we going?

    Define the Pathway

    Simulate your city, break down the transition and model limitless what-if scenarios to best reach your target.

  • What do we need to do?

    Link Actions to Emissions

    Apply the right mix of actions that will address the barriers to change.

  • How do we get buy-in?

    Engage Stakeholders

    Easily communicate with and include more groups throughout the process.

  • How are we doing?

    Manage Delivery

    Track progress, shorten feedback cycles and adapt strategy faster.

Months of work,

done in days

Plan, simulate and execute.
Faster and simpler than ever before.

Trusted by innovative cities and local governments around the world

Case Study

How innovative collaboration drives Malmö's climate action

The city of Malmö, Sweden’s third largest, has successfully reinvented itself. 

About Us

ClimateView is a Swedish climate action technology company that helps cities transform climate planning into progress. We combine data, agent-based modelling and interface design to help cities successfully manage the transition to zero carbon economies.

The Mayor of Heidelberg & the 100 Climate-neutral EU Cities

The Mayor of Heidelberg & the 100 Climate-neutral EU Cities

Fri, 23 September 2022

Climate Pioneer #2: Jamie Bristow on why our minds matter

Climate Pioneer #2: Jamie Bristow on why our minds matter

Fri, 16 September 2022

Case study: Tyresö

Case study: Tyresö

Fri, 16 September 2022

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