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The universal building blocks of successful climate transitions

Your city is made up of thousands of complex interdependent socio-economic activities. Understanding and simulating them in your climate strategy has never been easier.


The Transition Element

Sustaining the economy and the planet starts by shifting economic activities to lower carbon alternatives.

Transition Elements help by breaking down this challenge into discrete, manageable, transparent and incremental shifts.

Each Transition Element represents a universal, real-world shift that delivers on emissions reductions without harming economic activities or the needs of citizens.

Transition Elements are at the center of the stringent, mathematical and data-driven chain of reasoning driving the ClimateOS platform.


TransitionElement Card

An element for everything

Our growing library of Transition Elements enables you to take responsibility and account for a larger scope of your city's emissions.

Transition Table

Building an emergent system

From manageable, discrete elements to an interoperable system

We use an agent-based and stock-flow consistent model to create an emergent system. In this system, each Transition Element is included as an agent and linked to hundreds of other element to provide a holistic overview of your climate transition.

The result is a virtual and intuitive overview of the many moving parts in your climate transition. It is your city's digital twin, an environment where you can simulate "what-if" scenarios and manage your transition pathway.